Educational Excellence School Advisory Councils (EESAC)

** Meetings will be held once a month

The EESAC has the responsibility of monitoring, evaluating and revising the vision, mission and implementation plans of the school. Members obtain feedback from their constituents and express them at meetings and conferences. Within the EESAC are members of the Staff, School's Administration, Student Body, Parents and Dade Partners, all of whom work collaboratively to support the school with resources that are available. Equipment, supplies and materials are purchased to support the schools strategic and action plans with expenditures focused on identified key performance areas.

Membership in the EESAC committee requires that:  

  • Must be composed of the principal, teachers, education support employees, students, parents, and business/community representatives.
  • Must be representative of the ethnic, racial, linguistic, disabled, and economic community served by the school.
  • Must have a majority of members who do not work in the school.
  • Students With Disabilities must be represented.
  • English Language Learner parents should be included when possible.
  • Adult/vocational programs must be represented.

Selection of EESAC Members:

  • Teachers elect teachers.
  • Parents elect parents.
  • Students elect students.
  • Education support employees elect education support employee.
  • Principal appoints business/community representative -- to ensure council diversity.
  • Principal's are automatic members.


ESSAC Meeting Agendas

Sept 2013

April 2016

Sept 6, 2017

Nov 8, 2017

Nov 20, 2017

Jan 17, 2018

April 18, 2018

May 16, 2018

School Improvement Plan (SIP)

SIP 2013-14

SIP 2015-16

SIP 2017-18