If you plan to start a Florida Virtual course, you must first create an account at FLVS.net and select your desired course(s). FLVS courses may be used to accelerate or to "forgive" grades of "D" or "F" to improve the GPA. Only middle school students may retake a course with a "C" and only if that course was taken in middle school as a high school course. 

Please note:  

For students who entered grade nine in the 2011-2012 school year, at least one course within the 24 credits required must be completed through online learning to meet the digital learning graduation requirement. An online course taken during grades 6 through 8 fulfills this requirement. This requirement may be met through an online course offered by the Florida Virtual School, an online course offered by the high school, or an online dual enrollment course, offered pursuant to a district inter-institutional articulation agreement. A student, who is enrolled in a full-time or part-time virtual instruction program, meets this requirement.

Virtual School: New 14-Day Drop/Add Policy to Take Effect March 1, 2013. 

Previously a student could withdraw from a course within 28 days of activation.  We commonly referred to this as a “grace period.” Effective March 1, 2013, FLVS will operate under a 14-day drop/add policy. There are several reasons for this shorter implementation.  The shorter grace period encourages students to commit to the pace and course work much sooner, which will set them up for success with consistent learning.  Additionally, if a student does decide to drop a course within the 14-day window, school guidance counselors will have more opportunity to assist with potential course options to add. We also anticipate that making the time frame 14 days will allow FLVS to operate more efficiently and effectively, and this will help improve our students’ educational experience.

PROCESS: Create an account by visiting FLVS.net and click on LOGIN. Then click on NEW STUDENT and complete all the requested demographic information. Then you will be directed to select your courses. If you are taking both semesters of the course, request both Term 1 and Term 2. The last step allows you to verify your information and the title at the top is COURSE REQUEST FORM. If everything is correct and the course requests are listed, print this form.

This must be signed by a parent and returned to guidance so that the course may be opened. Florida Virtual will then notify your child when space in the course is available. This could vary from a few days to a few months, depending upon the popularity of the course. Core courses may be taken for honors or non-honors credit.

Your child is required to regularly participate in these courses on a daily basis. If he/she finds that FLVS is not the best way for him/her to learn, withdrawal must take place before 14 days have expired. Students have up to 18 weeks to complete a 1/2 credit and up to 36 weeks to complete a full credit. However, keep in mind that during the school year, he/she is also expected to achieve success in his/her on-campus courses. Final grades are issued by FLVS and sent directly to SLA for posting to your child's record.