Our High School is Title I Schools!

Our Parent Resource Center,  is the prime  location where parents of our students can learn how to assist their children. Studies have shown that children do much better in school and are more confident when parents are more involved. By participating, parents will be able to assist their children by having access to resources and activities that are essential to their child's success in the classroom.         


Computer Work Stations  


Laptops and iPads for check-out

 Center Hours:

Hours are flexible, if you need assistance, please call and I will be happy to meet with you at a time that is convenient for you.

Please call ahead to make sure that the Center is open.

How are Title 1 Funds Used?

Title 1 funds are used to improve curriculum, instructional activities, counseling, parental involvement, increase staff and program improvement. According to the U.S. Department of Education, Title 1 funds typically support supplemental instruction in reading and math. Annually, this program reaches over six million students, primarily in the elementary grades.

For more information on Title I, please contact our Title I Liaison,  Ms. Alceus at 305-693-2273